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About NIKE ) is a U.S. sporting goods manufacturer, mainly produce sports shoes, sports apparel, sporting goods, with their own brands, including Nike, Air Jordan, Nike Golf, Team Starter, which also includes its wholly owned brand Bauer, Cole Haan, Converse, and Hurley International and so on. Nike is the world's many football clubs and national soccer jersey kits available, including Arsenal [citation], Juventus, Manchester United, Inter Milan, Brazil, Portugal. Nike's mailing address is located in suburban Portland, Oregon, Beaverton (Beaverton), corporate headquarters are located in Washington County. Nike's original name from the Greek mythology, the goddess of victory Nepal moment. Nike, Nike basketball shoes, nike products: nike basketball shoes, there are three main series, namely: FLIGHT series, SHOX column, ZOOM cushion as the main technology, on behalf of shoes AIR FLIGHT FRANCHISE, AIR FLIGHT 95/96; FORCE series, to MAX AIR cushion as the main technology, on behalf of shoes: AIR MAX 360, AIR FORCE MORE 180, etc.; UPTEMPO series, nike shoes , mostly high-end UPTEMPO, on behalf of shoes: ZOOM GENERATION, ZOOM KOBE1/2/3, UPTEMPO PRO 1.0 / 2.0/3.0. 1 nike shoes: nike basketball shoes including Flight, Force, Uptempo three series, nike soccer shoes Mercurial Vapor, Total 90 two series, Air Max 360, AirMax, Shox series shoes, etc., Air Zoom Vapor Tennis shoes, Dunk (Low, Mid), Air Force 1 (Low, Mid, Hi, Premium), Terminator (Hi, Low), Nike NIKE AIR MAX 360 : nike running shoes masterpiece is nike 360. NIKE AIR MAX NIKE360 is a series, which uses a revolutionary 360-degree Nike Max Air cushion system provides the user with great flexibility; NIKE AIR MAX 360 weighs less than 400 grams, is the Air Max series, Nike running shoes The most lightweight shoes. Cortez retro shoes, and Dunk SB shoes series. nike shoes: Nike shoes have nike air force series (nike air force1, count force, detal force),
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Li won the strong lift tennis coach storm venue change sought-after appointment

Li, a very common name, June 4 at night, when a female tennis player won Mingjiaolinuo French Open champion, the Li name rang around the world, she has suddenly become a major brand of meat and potatoes of the chase, and her endorsement of the brand has become a hot hit.Air Shoes More importantly, because Li Na, China will set off a strong tennis storm. Want to play, to climb the French Open by appointment Li, Nanjing Tennis Complex reminder heat. Mountain Tennis Summer Tennis hung out early in training camp opening banner. 9 o'clock yesterday morning, the arena came in to bang bang of a ball, the ball just finished Mr. Hu told reporters that the tennis court usually very difficult to set, so he had the morning to play, "I usually come morning play, because this time very few people,Air Shoes if it is to play in the afternoon, must be two or three days in advance telephone booking, otherwise impossible to book venues. "venue staff, at present only four indoor tennis courts Mountain site , outdoor venues, only two, not difficult to spot in advance to book an appointment venues, "has recently been the passion for tennis and concerns have increased, a few days after you go down to see, with the advent of summer, this year's tennis camp should be very hot. "" Li after winning this time, many parents take their children to enroll in advance of our tennis camp, tennis is relatively common in foreign countries, and some parents that their children learn tennis for the children to college or increased to study abroad chips. "na T-shirt, just a legend in the Li won the day,Chaussures Sports as long as the products linked with Li Na became the instant hit overnight. However, in Nanjing, in order to buy into a product related to Li Na will not be easy. Yesterday afternoon, the reporter visited several Nike stores, have not seen the products on Li. "You say it is Li Na, these days there are a lot of people came over and asked, but we did not match her clothes (Smash Classic SS Top shirt)." When asked if there will be goods, the clerk told the reporter: "No, these days the company holiday, and no one informed us, do not know will not ship." tour in the city at the Nike store water, the reporter still did not see any publicity about Li, the store clerk told reporters: "We are all agents, each store's style is different, and perhaps this has, that house did not, but so far the products on Li, we do not have the goods." clothes do not even match , then not to mention that piece printed with "creating their own" Li cheering and yellow T-shirt. Central Mall Nike store clerk's words might make a lot of fans disappointed: "in accordance with the previous term, a special section like this can be said that Nanjing will not only like Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou and other cities that line will have the goods, we also heard, this yellow T shirt is the world's limited edition, only 30, after the market if there are also products of this series. "However, although no information on Li Nanjing Nike store products, but in Taobao has started selling the owner, especially that section of cheer and yellow T-shirt, has been made into a wide range of major business models, but the fans need to remind you that those are fake, and those who Taobao owner They do not add this to cover up, a company called "bump flagship store clothing shops", says: "This dress is very easy to sell because the market now are not, but we have absolutely no meaning counterfeiting, clothes just do this given the truth patriotic, positive team and individual. "na racket, businesses near the stadium busy stocking Mountain in Nanjing, a sporting goods store Li Na on the external walls is particularly eye-catching posters to win, less than 30 square feet of shop, when Li won Use of the racket is on the most prominent place. The store owner told reporters the day after winning the Li Na, to ask someone this racket, "yesterday sold out three, as the Dragon Boat Festival holiday, so the people who run the racket find many." Today is Li Na After winning the first 4 days, the boss revealed that the effect of winning may be when the summer holidays this year, the students show up, "Li won the day, there are many peer-tune with my money making package that Li Li Na racket that paragraph, I have the goods to make up for the yesterday. "door in another store, the store owner is just finishing the morning arrival of the racket," which used to have ten stores beat, I'm afraid this new trend will be ahead of the arrival, Yesterday, letting the beat over a dozen manufacturers made. "The sporting goods business for many years, said business operators, tennis these days, and no significant product sales growth, and usually not much difference, but just in case He was an ample supply of the goods. Very popular, sought-after tennis coach to visit the reporters found that, despite the growing influence of tennis, tennis market is heating up, but tennis is still inseparable from the "noble" movement that a head, the basic price of a racket in a thousand yuan per hour in Nanjing some tennis stadium rent in one hundred to one hundred and fifty yuan, and some venues in prime time the price is two hundred dollars per hour. For some beginners, professional coach, training costs per hour are also very high, Mount Wutai, a tennis coach, tennis, told reporters as he such a professional tennis coach, two hundred dollars or so per hour. He told reporters that some of the Nanjing University has been training young tennis tennis professional or student, there are part-time tennis coach, "coach students are relatively cheap, I know a Southern student body, and he did last summer, tennis, one hour charge also tens of dollars. "According to report, as the tennis coach, Li will also effect the market growing," Now we have more than 10 coaches here, but still not enough. "Mount said the indoor tennis court staff : "In the past 40,50 a summer vacation to recruit students, but after the past few days after Li Na win, a lot of people call me advice on how to view the current teaching force is not enough." It is worth mentioning that In visits to several sporting goods stores, the reporter found that some store owner in addition to selling equipment, but also act as a tennis coach, "they like, also set up a club, with the majority of all students." one shopkeeper told reporters : "Because the school grounds do not want money, so the fee is not expensive, is also another one of their own income." touted, top tennis academy to build Nanjing Institute of Physical Qin Lijun, deputy director of the admissions office, said in an interview in the next few years, tennis fever will sweep the country. Qinzhu Ren told reporters that tennis belongs in the Nanjing Institute of Physical Training in the specialized training, with the track and field, basketball, football and some other popular than sports, tennis is relatively unpopular, "Our school is generally open for students in 1,2 months enrollment, conduct of examinations in May, reported in previous years, very few people in tennis, the development of tennis in recent years, students are now completing the project more than year after year, especially this year. "For Li's tennis championship lead hot, Qin Zhuren think this is more of a star effect, "like playing tennis knows that the sport is very elegant, and training in all aspects of the body are very effective, Li Na played the sport to win a The role of pushing hands. "In his view, the parents choose for their children tennis training courses, or let their children onto the tennis training from now on the road, most of the causes of which are inspired by this star effect. It is understood that the Nanjing Institute of Physical Education is redoubling its efforts to build a tennis academy, Qin Zhuren introduction, school preparation Tennis Academy, first, because school leaders the importance of tennis, and secondly, is also optimistic about prospects for the future development of tennis, "Tennis Academy in the future will be top players in the training base of domestic, children embark on the first leg of tennis stadium, a major tennis tournament match point. "In addition, the tennis academy tennis program will also recruit graduate students, the main research tennis culture, history and so on.


Arsenal lost the final battle there is no chance the bad news is absolutely the core of Barcelona

May 1, according to "Daily Mail" reported that the League Cup final injured Robin van Persie,Air Shoes Arsenal next week to determine unable to participate in the Champions League against Barcelona at the Nou Camp battle. In last weekend's League Cup final, Robin van Persie scored the first 39 minutes when shooting a sprained right knee, was limping in the celebrations have been the final 69 minutes was in the Turner replaced. Wenger confirmed after the game: "Van Persie's knee injury, is,
Puma Cat is injured when a goal." Van Persie on February 27 had an MRI test, Arsenal officials have not confirmed his injury But the British media have said that Van Persie is difficult to participate in the Champions League next weekend. "Daily Mail" that: "Van Persie is likely to miss the game at the Nou Camp." And "Mirror" was more direct: "Van Persie will not be able to Barcelona." Appearances for Arsenal this season, Van Persie 21 (starting 14 off the bench seven times) scored 14 goals. Recently, he states very well, Barca scored the equalizer at home to a ball last weekend's League Cup final and was his equalizer. The lack of such a state of great shooters, sure to make Wenger feel helpless, but Arsenal's main injury also several Air Jordan Chaussures other very optimistic. Since the injury since August last year, Virginia Mullen, will attend the March 1 of a reserve game, but the physical condition of the Belgian defender can not meet the race requirements. Wenger also said that Wal-Cork "is not possible" to Barcelona. The only good news is Cesc Fabregas, his Achilles tendon injury is expected to be able to recover this weekend