Faint whistle blowing the wrong whistle to recall the players meeting after the end of play a minute

Beijing time on August 22, Beijing Guoan 2 to 2 draw at home in Henan Jianye. The game last minute dramatic scene, competition at the last minute, the referee Zhang Lei in the game does not fill the case full time whistle sounded the end of the whistle. However, when we all thought that the end of the game, Lei find his own mistakes, much as the judge recalled venues continue to play a 1 minute match official after the final whistle sounded. Chaussures Sports
The second half race, Henan tenacious team will tie it at 2 to 2. The last moment, the fourth official indicated three minutes stoppage time full match. However, when the added-on time is only carried out to 91 minutes and 55 seconds, referee Zhang Lei on the whistle blew ending the game. At this point, the players thought the audience end of the game, took off his shirt walked to the ring ready to shake hands, but the assistant referee to enter the site organize a parade.

But this time, the National Security of the coaching staff has to enter the venue, not enough to remind Lei added-on time. Lei only to find themselves the wrong table and a rude awakening. Of course, the referee could have chosen to terminate this contest. But Zhang Lei chosen One of the ironies of remedial measures. Lei players and coaches to the parties indicated their wrong table. Required re-match. At this time, just announced the end of the guide is also unknown race on the inside, it is explained, "It seems that the referee was wrong table, do not they race to resume it?" PUMA FUTURE CAT

Interestingly, at this time have been small and Joel Martin did not shake hands with each other on the back of the field lined up, Guo'an two coaches had to call out from the lounge, re-wear the shirt to complete the remaining games. This time the players quit Henan team, although team competition once the final phase of Henan seize the initiative, but that is away games, so players Henan team asked the referee in the end came up out of the circumstances, how could the blow the final whistle then resume game.

But Lei pointed to his watch, smiled and explained to each other their own mistakes, and asked both sides to comply with its own penalty, re-start the race. Meanwhile, Zhang Lei also see some coaches have entered the stadium, quickly exit the command coaches and officials to check the time the fourth show of hands, as most prepared to restore competition. At a time when national security of foreign aid Madzic to see such a funny situation, have been amused at the side of the overjoyed.

After the match resumed, Lei indicate the two sides decided to throw the ball. Henan Zhao Peng captain opened the ball half the sideline to Guo'an, Guo'an penalty throw. Eventually, the two sides played a symbolic 1 minute, until the second time Zhang Lei blew the whistle ending the game. At this point the narrator with a more helpless tone, said: "The competition ... ... so it ended ... ...." Air Shoes

After the match, coach Hong Yuanshuo national security stance on this issue, said, "was added-on time 3 minutes, but the referee whistled the first time, end of the game short of 1 minute, whistle again to resume game, our table also more than poor, less than 2 minutes, the situation is as a situation. "


Most cattle during the World Cup in China woman?

South Africa 2010 World Cup, finally ended early this morning to the Spanish title, China 50 million men in the back of more than one month time lag, the time difference it should fall back. A friend joked, to Agamben out a question: Since the World Cup, most cattle Chinese woman? How do I know? ? ? I'm not the boss of China headquarters in the census. Last answers reveal: CCTV World Cup special program "The rich feast," the female anchor Wang Liang. I am puzzled, asked: Why? Friend: You think that in China, there is the woman to stay with other family every day, men spend the night in a row over a month night out? Moreover, the king or continuous beam over a month overnight stay with 50 million Chinese men, this is 50 million sets a favor, do not move 50 million a wife who hate it than that set 3000 can be loved and best of Concubine Yang Niu more. ferrari shoes I heard, Xiao Fan it! This right is indeed very reasonable, is not, according to this algorithm, the past month, which the Chinese women have more cattle than what Wang Liang? I confess, I am a pseudo fan and football games, as long as no Chinese team, which I was elated team goals. Of course, in addition to Argentina lost to Germany that a, I hate Germany, and even psychological secretly curse they can not get a one-two. Because the World Cup started, I support Argentina. Several times, the hardest hit with 2:30 to see the game, the results support to a 1:30 but he was asleep, then woke up bewildered, they are are more than 5 am, only to see a result, but still happy of. So, I am a pseudo fan even have enough qualifications do not rub off on the football, also the way football event with lively people Cengceng only. However, I still see a few of CCTV's "The rich feast," or face a smile that sweet note to discuss the match's sister Wang Liang. Some people say that this year's CCTV Wang Liang, "Noble Feast" a flaw in, because she often lay in the interpretation of words emerge. Some people have even compiled a "naive Liang Wang Quotations" (interested users can search the web about their own). However, I personally feel, Wang Liang CCTV this year, "Noble Feast," and even the sports channel CCTV, the biggest surprise! For non-fans, the football has been the top three barriers to entry of a ball. Basketball scenes look at the fiery flame, and frequently scores a goal, volleyball is also a fast paced intense flame, but the football audience and a half hours down, both the most goals all add up to less than a fraction of a basketball and volleyball, while others Football depends on their respective teams of 22 players were the first, responsibilities, tactics, locations, etc ... ... Not understand it, do not dare to ask, about being a joke, but it varies little school? How the last became really understand it? So many years I have been very inferior, has been too afraid to show one's incompetence that he is a layman to read thoroughly football. acheter air jordan fr Indeed, in particular, that the tie 0-0, if not kicking, diving, yellow card, red card, for many people, are no fun to watch. But look at this year's "The rich feast," Wang Liang hear comments like chatter, like homemade football, I suddenly felt extremely cordial and extremely laced with gold, I feel like a completely unfamiliar foreign land suddenly faced old friend, as if hundreds of thousands of golf course living in South Africa's population speak a foreign language , heard a little sister that Chinese, like chatting and their views, and then excited point, I am afraid the tears must flow out.Nike Chaussures Femme Than professional, not a Han Qiaosheng teachers explain their many years old professional football guide it? Huang Jianxiang not have them? There are not eight "into" the LIU Jian it? Why should the king beam sister? PUMA FUTURE CAT Wang Liang's purpose is to sit there, on behalf of those more keen interest in football, but not universal access to comprehensive basic knowledge of the pseudo-fans and amateurs. She is used to narrow the distance between them, and uniting them on CCTV, and the "Noble Feast" came around. You carefully calculate, in China, is that 30 million more than the fans? Or that 30 million more than the number of 1.3 billion? Not a very common phenomenon? Those fans with his or her employment with which player is which teams have not tell the girlfriend, wife watch the game, and they were all convinced that Argentina would win, but know nothing about football's certain his wife even as young and handsome German team of multi-player, on the German team to win the election. The result? That night everyone else loses, the only lady to win to make the scene and began to accompany her husband are willing to stay up late watching the World Cup war of the.